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Week 4: Honoring Herriman K9 Hondo, Teen Vaping & Daylight Savings

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

With the fourth week of the session wrapped up, here's an update on what incredible week it has been.


Honoring Hondo

This week I was humbled by the opportunity to present a citation on the house floor to honor Herriman City Police Department K9 Hondo, who was killed in the line of duty last week while protecting his partner, Sergeant Ben Ricks, and others from imminent danger. I was grateful to have Sgt. Ricks and his wife, Robin, Chief Carr, Deputy Chief Reyes, Lt. Stromberg and Lt. Weidmer with the Herriman Police Department join me on the House floor for the citation presentation. Moved by Hondo’s service, over thirty officers and their partner police service dogs came to the Capitol and joined me on the House floor to show their support.

The official citation read:

In recognition of his great service and ultimate sacrifice for the Herriman City Police Department, the Utah House of Representatives recognizes and honors Police Service Dog (PSD) Hondo.

Herriman City Police Department Police Service Dog Hondo was killed in the line of duty on February 13, 2020 while protecting his partner, Sergeant Ben Ricks and others from imminent danger.

PSD Hondo, a 7-year-old Belgian Malinois, came from Europe and began his Police service on October 29, 2015. PSD Hondo was highly decorated in his career, winning many titles and awards at both in-state Police K9 competitions and annual International K9 Trials. He was a critical member of the 2014 K9 Team that placed First in the World in the International Trials. PSD Hondo was responsible for well over 100 felony arrests and for taking hundreds of pounds of narcotics off Utah streets.

PSD Hondo embodied the ideal, “The true warrior fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” PSD Hondo was a true warrior and his actions the night of February 13thensured that his loving friend and partner Ben would be able to return home to his wife, children, and Herriman Police Department family.

The Utah House of Representatives commemorates PSD Hondo today, February 18, 2020.

Electronic Cigarettes in Schools

I spoke in support and voted for Rep. Pulsipher’s bill, HB 58: Electronic Cigarettes in Schools. Vaping has been a huge issue for schools in our district and this bill moves us in the right direction in educating our youth and empowering schools to address this issue. Tragically, 12.4% of Utah's teens actively vape. While on my ride along with the Herriman Police Department, I was blown away how many students get their vaping devices directly from their parents. Many parents aren't viewing teen vaping with the same concern as they do teen smoking. It's important to have conversations with your teens about the facts. Click here for more information.


Insulin Pricing

This week while in the Health and Human Services Committee, I voted in favor of HB 207: Insulin Access Amendments, that works to bend the cost curve on insulin pricing for all Utahns. In 2002, a vial of insulin that cost $20 now costs approximately $350. These skyrocketing prices have made it difficult for individuals to pay for the care they need to survive.

Daylight Savings

Today in Government Operations I voted in favor of SB 59: Daylight Savings Amendments.This bill would move Utah to year round mountain daylight time permanently. This bill would only go into effect after at least four of our neighboring western states implement legislation to do the same. This issue is one that many constituents feel strongly about.


This week was another packed week. I had the chance to speak at the Utah Conservative Conversations Day with students from SUU and UVU. Additionally, I spoke to 5thgrade students at Butterfield Elementary. Common questions: "Has President Trump been here? Who is the vice president? Can I be your friend?" Meeting with students is always a highlight of my day up here at the hill. During District Day, I was able to learn more about the awesome computer coding classes that sixth grade students are able to take in the Jordan School District . One of the students there from the coding class, let me drive her sphero bot using the code she developed. It is incredible to see how technology has changed and continues to change the classroom and the future.

Bills Passed During the Fourth Week

HB 83, 1st Sub Expungement Amendments

HB 142, 1st Sub Criminal Proceeding Amendments

HB 159, 2nd Sub Insurance Coverage Revisions

HB 169 Exemptions Amendments

HB 179 Recycling Market Development Zone Tax Credit Amendments

HB 200 Addition to Income Revisions

HB 134 Raw Milk Products Amendments

HB 228 Livestock Predators Removal Amendments

HB 67, 1st Sub Local Education Agency Financial Information Systems

HB 68, 1st Sub Apprenticeship and Work-based Learning Amendments

HB 205 Students with Disabilities Amendments

HB 222, 1st Sub Start Smart Utah Breakfast Program

HB 214, 1st Sub Insurance Coverage Modifications

HB 162 Securities Amendments

HB 244, 1st Sub Fetal Exposure Reporting and Treatment Amendments

HB 243, 1st Sub Warning Labels Amendments

HB 105 Water Facilities Amendments

HB 197, 1st Sub Fishing and Hunting Restrictions for Nonpayment of Child Support

HB 116, 2nd Sub Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls, and LGBTQ+ Task Force

HB 213, 1st Sub Consent Language Amendments

HB 127 Motorcycle Right-of-way Amendments

HB 183, 2nd Sub Driver License Record Amendments

SB 72 Revisor’s Technical Corrections to Utah Code

HB 60 Corporate Income Tax Credit Amendments

HB 33, 1st Sub Abuse, Neglect, and Dependency Proceedings Amendments

HB 64, 2nd Sub Custody and Visitation Rights Amendments

HB 292 Internet Voting Study

SB 72 Revisor’s Technical Corrections to Utah Code

SJR 7, 2nd Sub Joint Resolution Authorizing Pay of In-session Employees

SB 54 Mobile Home Amendments

HB 161, 1st Sub Audiology and Speech-language Pathology Interstate Compact

HB 208 Alcohol Education Amendments

HB 174 Rural County Health Care Facilities Tax Amendments

HB 96 Water Forfeiture Amendments

SB 47 Public Document Signature Classification

SB 48 Corrections Officer Certification Pilot Extension

HB 202 Local Government Nuisance Ordinance Reform

HB 66, 3rd Sub Wildland Fire Planning and Cost Recovery Amendments

SCR 3 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Watura Misaka

HB 212 Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption Modifications

SB 50 Clean Energy Act Amendments

HB 192, 1st Sub Property Tax Assessment Amendments

HB 268 Property Tax Notice Amendments

HB 198 Eminent Domain Limitations

HB 225 Phased Retirement Amendments

HB 58, 1st Sub Electronic Cigarettes in Schools Amendments

HB 32, 2nd Sub Crisis Services Amendments

HB 219 Mental Health Amendments

HB 285 Utah Professionals Health Program

HB 139, 1st Sub DUI Liability Amendments

HB 220 Hepatitis C Outreach Pilot Program

HB 238, 1st Sub Crime Enhancement Amendments

HB 291, 1st Sub Human Trafficking Amendments

HB 92, 1st Sub Fire Amendments

HB 130 Water Use Amendments

HB 233, 2nd Sub Natural Resources Legacy Funding Amendments

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