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U.S. Senator

"Candice Pierucci is one of the hardest-working representatives I know. She is a true conservative and fights for freedom and limited government. We need Candice in the legislature to fight for Utah’s sovereignty and defend our values. I wholeheartedly support Candice and urge your support."

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U.S. Congressman

"Candice Pierucci is a true conservative fighter who tirelessly serves the people of Herriman & Riverton. Voting to re-elect her is a no-brainer!"

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Former U.S. Congressman

"I am pleased to endorse Candice Pierucci in her run for the Utah legislature. She is one of the hardest working people I know. She is innovative, collaborative in finding solutions, and gives 110% to everything she does. Candice is a conservative who believes in free-market principles, limited government and will uphold the values of our Constitution. I encourage you to join me in supporting State Representative Candice Pierucci."

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Speaker of the House

“Candice is a strong, courageous, hardworking representative who works diligently to serve the people of her district. She has fought for needed transportation projects in her area and has advocated for commonsense solutions. Rep. Pierucci is an effective legislator and unafraid to tackle the difficult issues. I wholeheartedly endorse her and urge your support.”

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State Representative, House Majority Whip

"Representative Candice Pierucci is a respected, effective, and conscientious legislator who works continuously to keep government responsible, transparent and accountable, and to protect Utah residents, our universities and land from the influence of the Chinese communist party, reinforce parental rights, defend 2nd Amendment rights, and safeguard taxpayer's wallets. As the sponsor of Utah's pro-life legislation, I appreciate Candice's unequivocal defense of the unborn. Please vote to re-elect Representative Pierucci!"

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Mayor of Herriman

"Representative Pierucci has done a phenomenal job advocating on behalf of her constituents and the needs of Herriman City. Candice has successfully advocated for much needed transportation dollars for our area and is a strong ally for our city up at Capitol Hill."



Mayor of Riverton

“As someone who has grown up or lived in Herriman and Riverton almost her entire life, Candice Pierucci understands the issues most important to those who live in House District 49. Candice is committed to working closely with our communities to find solutions to address the challenges we've faced with rapid growth. I have worked hard to lead out on this issue and know I have an ally and advocate with Candice representing this area in the Utah State Legislature. I have been impressed with her communication, work ethic, experience, commitment to local governance, innovative solutions and transportation improvements that we so desperately need. I am pleased to support her in this race and encourage everyone to do the same.”



State Representative

“Rep. Candice Pierucci is an asset to the state of Utah. As a legislator, Candice is knowledgeable, approachable, intelligent, and conservative. She isn't afraid to tackle tough issues. I have witnessed her willingness to be flexible when and where she can, yet unwavering in her core principles. One thing I respect most about Candice is her honest desire to do good. She's at the Capitol to make Utah better. Under her leadership, people can count on her to help them obtain more freedom, fewer taxes, and greater local control."

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Utah State Auditor

"Candice is a fierce advocate for common sense, fiscally conservative policies.

She has tackled some of the most difficult issues facing our state. Utah needs her continued conservative leadership in the Utah House of Representatives. She has my full support."



Herriman City Councilman

“Candice took over mid-term for a well-respected and experienced legislator in early 2019. From the moment she was elected, she hit the ground running, proactively reaching out to members of city councils and local cities. She took time to meet one on one with these people and hear their concerns and needs. Then she went to work. If you are asking me why I am endorsing Candice Pierucci for State Representative, is that she went to work. In her first term she was able to make progress on key initiatives in Herriman City that had been stuck for many years. She worked to limit the exceptions that Salt Lake County has to override local communities in approving developments. Candice is simply the best example of a true "representative." Her energy, insights, and work ethic are second to none. I am proud to call Candice friend, and pleased to fully endorse her for State Representative for District 49!”



Mayor of South Jordan

“I am pleased to endorse Candice Pierucci in her run for the Utah State Legislature. Candice has the experience, work ethic and drive needed to represent our district well. As someone who believes in building coalitions and partnerships, Candice will be an effective legislator as she works closely with local leaders and like-minded legislators. She is a product of this district and will be a strong conservative voice for South Jordan, Riverton and Herriman.”

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Herriman City Councilman

"Candice has worked hard to represent her constituents and meet the needs of our community. She goes out of her way to be accessible and engage in civil dialogue to discuss important issues. Candice is a compassionate conservative and a strong voice for Herriman. She has my full support. 



Herriman City Councilman

"Candice has proven in a very short time that she is exactly the person we need to represent us in the legislature. I wholeheartedly support Candice as our representative."

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Herriman City Councilwoman

"Candice has been an inspiring leader since she was appointed. I had the opportunity to meet with her and share some of our needs and concerns in our city and watched her address those concerns through the legislative session. She not only listens to her constituents but acts. I fully support her!"



Riverton City Councilman

“I am endorsing Candice Pierucci in her run for the House of Representatives. I have known Candice and her husband for quite some time and have appreciated their involvement in the community. Candice will be a strong voice for our area and will advocate for policies that respect the roles of city government and reduce the burden of government on communities. I invite you to join me in supporting Candice as our next Representative.”



Riverton City Councilwoman

“Candice is a pro-life and pro-family advocate. I am grateful for her willingness to stand for life— we need her principled leadership and strong voice representing our community in the Utah House of Representatives.”

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