Limited Federal Government

I love and support the Constitution. While many people across the country are aware of the separation of powers found in the Constitution, it seems that most people in Washington D.C.  have forgotten that the Constitution provides enumerated powers only. States must push back against constant overreach by the federal government. As your state representative, I will fight for a limited federal government and work to reassert Utah's rights as a state.


More and more people are looking to government to solve their problems. This is a mistake. Far too often, federal and sometimes state laws are passed, and regulations created for problems that should be dealt with at the local level of government. As a legislator, the first two questions I will ask about every issue are, "Is this the proper role of government?" and if so, "Is the state the proper level of government to handle this issue?"


and Right to Bear Arms

I am a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment. I will do all within my power as a state legislator to protect an individual's constitutional right to bear arms.


and Our Veterans

We have a sacred responsibility to care for those who have served our country and preserved our freedoms. I have had the opportunity of serving on the board of directors for Utah Honor Flight and volunteering as a flight leader on flights with our WWII, Korean, and Vietnam veterans. Time and time again I was reminded of the true price of freedom and the sacrifices our service members and their families make daily. I have volunteered at the veteran’s nursing home and played bingo with America’s Greatest Generation. While working for Congressman Stewart I worked on casework for veterans, helping them access their benefits with the VA and feel strongly that we can do more to support our service members and their families. 


As your representative, I will work with state and local veterans organizations to ensure that at the state level our service members are receiving the resources and support that they deserve. 


and Economic Prosperity

The southwest part of Salt Lake County has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. As someone who has watched our community grow for over 17 years, I can personally attest to the ridiculous amount of traffic congestion, the lack of roads, and the strain it has put on our schools. This is an issue we can solve together.


As your legislator, I will advocate for increased transportation and infrastructure funds for the southwest portion of the county. Herriman, Riverton, and South Jordan need more funding for the infrastructure that preserves the quality of life we all know and love.

Furthermore, I will not usurp local authority or control over important decisions about future growth. Government is most responsive when it is closest to the people. As your representative, I will work closely with the city council members and mayors of Herriman, Riverton and South Jordan. Local government is where the rubber meets the road and it is where most land use and zoning and planning decisions should be made.


and Pro-LIfe

I am pro-life and feel strongly that the state has a vested interest in protecting the life of the unborn.

As your legislator, I will fight to protect unborn children and promote pro-family policies. Some of which include looking at ways to reduce the burdensome cost of adoption and exploring a tax credit for infertility treatments.


and Empowering Parents

The education of the next generation is critical for the continued success of individuals, families, and the state. Parents must be empowered in the decision-making process of their children’s education. We have so many incredible teachers in Utah. We need to allow for more innovation in the classroom and reward success. As a legislator I will support legislative policies that facilitate innovation in education, empower parents, and put students’ success and learning first. 


and Tax Structure

I am not in favor of an increase in tax rates and agree with Utah’s current flat tax structure and would not support a progressive tax structure. I believe that tax code should be simple, have low rates, and include a broad base. As a fiscal conservative, I will advocate for a common-sense approach to spending, promoting efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars. 


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