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The following list includes legislation I've sponsored that has, or will become, law in the State of Utah.

2024 Legislative Session

  • H.B. 358 Pregnant and Postpartum Inmate Amendments – Prevents the Department of Corrections from creating or operating a nursery in a correctional facility to provide space for a female inmate and the inmate's child.

  • H.B. 430 Local Government Transportation Services AmendmentsPending Governor’s Signature – Allows certain local option sales taxes to be used for public transit innovation grants by communities who don’t receive adequate transit service. Requires large public transit districts to provide a report to each municipality regarding expenditures, transit service, and ridership utilized by residents.

  • H.B. 404 Public Entity Restrictions Pending Governor’s Signature – Establishes procurement restrictions related to forced labor and restricted foreign entities. Prevents a municipality from entering into or renewing a sister city agreement or arrangement with another municipality unless the other municipality confirms that there are no forced labor production facilities within the other municipality's borders.

  • H.B. 431 Teacher RetentionPending Governor’s Signature – Establishes programs to support teacher retention efforts and requires public schools to provide postpartum recovery (maternity) leave.

  • H.B. 516 State Land Purchase Amendments – Modifies the definition of restricted foreign entity to prevent the following entities from obtaining an interest in land in the state: China, Iran, North Korea, or Russia.

  • S.B. 44 Alternative Education Scholarship Combination (Floor Sponsor) – Pending Governor’s Signature – Combines the Carson Smith Scholarship and Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship.

  • S.B. 164 Family Outreach Amendments (Floor Sponsor) – Allows a school to apply to create a Family Outreach Program and establishes an application and review process for that program.

  • S.B. 230 State Purchasing Amendments (Floor Sponsor) – Pending Governor’s Signature – Authorizes the procurement of items intended to be used to host a presidential debate to be made without engaging in a standard procurement process.

  • S.B. 262 Organ Transplant Amendments (Floor Sponsor) – Addresses details surrounding forced organ harvesting. Prevents insurance companies from covering a human organ transplant if the operation was performed in the People’s Republic of China or any country known to participate in forced organ harvesting.

  • S.J.R. 13 Joint Resolution Expressing Friendship and Support for Taiwan (Floor Sponsor) – This resolution expresses support for the continued friendship between Utah and Taiwan.

2023 Legislative Session


2022 Legislative Session

  • H.B. 90 Transparency in Lobbying and Disclosures Amendments – Makes provisions of the Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act applicable to a person who lobbies a local official or an education official. Requires the name tag of a lobbyist who is a foreign agent to indicate that the lobbyist is a foreign lobbyist.

  • H.B. 341 Birth Certificate Amendments – Modifies provisions related to birth certificates and requires the Department of Health to create a report regarding the elimination or reducing of birth certificate fees.

  • H.B. 346 Funding Independence in Foreign Language Education – Prohibits an institution of higher education from seeking or accepting funding support from a restricted foreign entity, such as the People’s Republic of China that is governed by the Chinese Communist Party.

  • H.B. 210 Primary Care Spending Amendments – Requires the Health Data Committee to issue a report on primary care spending within the state.

  • H.C.R. 16 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Student Athletes' Right to Religious Freedom and Modesty – Resolution encouraging all municipalities, public and private K-12 schools, universities, and organizations supporting youth athletic teams and activities to allow youth to wear religious clothing or headwear or to modify their uniforms to accommodate religious beliefs or personal values of modesty without barriers or limitations.

  • S.J.R. 3 Joint Resolution to Terminate Public Health Orders Pertaining to Face Coverings  (Floor Sponsor) – Terminates public health orders of constraint that require the wearing of a mask or face covering in Salt Lake County, Summit County, Salt Lake City, or any other place in the state of Utah.


2021 Legislative Session


2020 Legislative Session

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