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Week 3 Legislative Update

Dear Constituents,

We’re three weeks in to the 2023 Legislative Session. A lot of meaningful legislation has already been passed and I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues over the next four weeks on legislation that reduces the burden of government, decreases taxes, funds necessary transportation projects and programs, and empowers Utah families. You can follow along with the legislative process at

I wanted to give you an update on some of the bills I'm working on:

Legislation I'm Working On:

HB186- State Land Purchase Restrictions: This bill prohibits restricted foreign entities and countries, like China, from purchasing land in Utah. This is a serious issue and a major problem for our national security. Just this week, The New York Times, reported on China purchasing land in North Dakota next to a U.S. Air Force Base, and the threat it posed for national security. China has attempted to purchase land in Utah, and this bill would forbid them from doing so.

HB298- Veteran Property Tax Amendments: This bill will allow veterans who are permanently and totally disabled to be exempted from paying property taxes.

HB161- Foreign Language Education Funding Amendments: This bill prohibits restricted foreign entities, like the Chinese Communist Party from funding language learning programs in our K-12 schools. It also increases funding for the state's Dual Language Immersion program. Utah should be self-reliant in funding our language learning programs, and not reliant on countries like China.

HB163- Protecting Student Religious and Moral Beliefs Regarding Athletic Uniform Requirements: This bill protects students' religious freedom and ensures their ability to wear religious head ware and clothing while participating in sports. It also empowers them with the ability to make adjustments to a uniform for personal standards of modesty.

HB43- Domestic Violence Modifications: This bill creates the Domestic Violence Data Task Force and pulls all the stakeholders together for a formalized effort to coordinate local and state efforts to address domestic violence in Utah.

These are just some of the bills I'm working on right now, for a complete list you can visit here.

Water Week

This week, the legislature celebrated Water Week. My colleagues and I are committed to passing policies that will increase water capacity, expand conservation efforts, prepare for future water needs, and enhance outreach efforts. In addition to significant funding, the following bills are top priorities for the House and Senate:

  • S.B. 53 Groundwater Use Amendments

  • S.B. 76 Water Amendments

  • S.B. 118 Water Efficient Landscaping Incentives

  • S.B. 119 Per Capita Consumptive Use

  • S.B. 144 Water Instream Flow Amendments

  • H.B. 150 Emergency Water Shortages Amendments

  • H.B. 207 Compact Commission Amendments

  • H.B. 307 Utah Water Ways

Tax Cut Discussions

Keeping money in the pockets of hard working Utahns is one of my top priorities. Next week, we’ll begin discussing and debating tax cuts. All types of tax cuts are on the table including, income, social security, sales tax on food, and an earned income tax credit. I am supportive of all of this efforts, but I am especially supportive of efforts to lower the state income tax rate and give a one-time tax rebate back to Utahns for the excess money collected by the state.

Family Night Capitol Tour

You and your family are invited to join me for a tour of the Utah Capitol and learn more about the legislative process on Monday, February 20th at 7pm.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our district. Please feel free to email me with any concerns or questions you have at Be sure to include your home address so I know you live in my district!


Candice B. Pierucci

State Representative for House District 49


Follow me on social media @RepCandicePierucci

Bills Passed By the House this Week

H.B. 16 Block Grant Funding for Prevention Programs in Public Education

H.B. 26 License Plate Amendments

H.B. 33 Water Related Liability Amendments

H.B. 38 Initiative and Referendum Modifications

H.B. 39 State Resource Management Plan Amendments

​​H.B. 42 Technology Commercialization Amendments

H.B. 50 Criminal Financial Obligation Amendments

H.B. 56 Tax Assessment Amendments

H.B. 59 First Responder Mental Health Amendments

H.B. 62 Driving Under the Influence Modifications

H.B. 93 Outdoor Recreation Modifications

H.B. 98 Process Server Amendments

H.B. 102 Higher Education Residency Amendments

H.B. 103 Weapon Possession While Under the Influence Amendments

H.B. 108 Child Sex Doll Prohibition

H.B. 109 Veteran Dependent Tuition Amendments

H.B. 111 Inmate Treatment Amendments

H.B. 113 Motor Vehicle Insurance Revisions

H.B. 119 Charitable Organization Registration Amendments

H.B. 120 Weapon Possession Amendments

H.B. 129 Prohibited Correctional Facility Items

H.B. 131 Vaccine Passport Prohibition

H.B. 134 Charter School Closing Requirements

H.B. 135 State Holiday Amendments

H.B. 136 Safe School Route Evaluations

H.B. 143 Parental Kidnapping Amendments

H.B. 146 Sex Offender Restricted Area Amendments

H.B. 156 Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry and Child Abuse Offender Registry Administration Amendments

H.B. 157 County Office Consolidation Amendments

H.B. 159 Health Care Professional Licensing Requirements

H.B. 162 Voter Accessibility Amendments

H.B. 166 Mental Health Professional Licensing Amendments

H.B. 167 State Child Care Amendments

H.B. 169 Urban Farming Assessment Act Amendments

H.B. 174 Conviction Reduction Amendments

H.B. 179 Founders and Constitution Recognition

H.B. 181 Offender Employment Amendments

H.B. 182 Interventions for Reading Difficulties Program Amendments

H.B. 183 Firefighter Retirement Revisions

H.B. 184 Veterinarian Education Loan Repayment Program

H.B. 187 Veterinary Practice Amendments

H.B. 192 Traffic Violation Amendments

H.B. 193 Online Education Course Amendments

H.B. 194 Motor Vehicle Dealer Requirements

B. 200 Motor Vehicle Registration Revisions

H.B. 201 Revisor's Technical Corrections to Utah Code

H.B. 202 Signature Threshold Amendments

H.B. 203 Inmate Education Amendments

H.B. 206 Airport Land Use Amendments

H.B. 209 Participation in Extracurricular Activities Amendments

H.B. 211 Real Estate Amendments

H.B. 216 Business and Chancery Court Amendments

H.B. 221 Fodder Production Systems Grant Program

H.B. 223 Drug and Alcohol Enforcement Amendments

H.B. 224 Outdoor Recreation Initiative

H.B. 225 Firearm Possession Amendments

H.B. 226 Sale of a Firearm Amendments

H.B. 227 Hemp Amendments

H.B. 236 Driving Under the Influence Testing Amendments

H.B. 237 Hunting Mentor Amendments

H.B. 238 Political Party Public Meeting Facilities Amendments

H.B. 251 Court Amendments

H.B. 255 Vehicle Accident Reports Amendments

H.B. 256 Carpool Lane Usage Modifications

H.B. 257 Greenbelt Property Amendments

H.B. 258 Motor Vehicle Light Amendments

H.B. 259 Suicide Prevention in Correctional Facilities

H.B. 261 Fire Related Amendments

H.B. 266 Amber Alert Amendments

H.B. 267 State Purchasing Director Duties

H.B. 268 Sex Offense Amendments

H.B. 283 Unemployment Insurance Amendments

H.B. 285 Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services Amendments

S.B. 9 Agricultural Advisory Board Sunset Extension

S.B. 10 Wildlife Sunset Related Amendments

S.B. 12 Hearing Instrument Specialist Licensing Amendments

S.B. 13 Motor Vehicle Registration Amendments

S.B. 14 Leased Tangible Personal Property Tax Amendments

S.B. 15 Juvenile Offender Penalty Amendments

S.B. 18 Public Expression Protection Act

S.B. 20 Military Installation Development Authority Amendments

S.B. 21 Retirement and Independent Entities Amendments

S.B. 24 Advanced Air Mobility Amendments

S.B. 26 Rural Employment Expansion Program Amendments

S.B. 30 Road Usage Amendments

S.B. 32 Administrative Appeals Amendments

S.B. 73 Gratuity Amendments

S.B. 100 School Gender Identity Policies

H.J.R. 4 Joint Resolution Honoring the Sikh Community

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