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Week 3: 150 Years of Utah Women Voting

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

This week has been a truly historical and inspiring week up at the Hill. On Wednesday, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Utah women being the first in the nation to vote. Both the House and Senate passed HJR 12, Joint Resolution Celebrating Women's Suffrage in Utah. I was honored to cosponsor this legislation and speak in favor of it on the House Floor. This resolution highlighted Utah’s rich history of strong pioneer women trailblazing ahead and leaving a legacy of opportunity, hard work, and civic engagement. I am so grateful for Utah women like Seraph Young, Martha Hughes Cannon and Emmeline B. Wells who paved the way and served our great state and country. You can read the resolution here.

Thursday was an incredibly humbling day on the Hill as we honored the families of fallen soldiers. As I watched so many young kids cling to the hands of their parent or grandparent, a lump rose in my throat. Behind the selfless sacrifice of the men and women who gave their last full measure of devotion was a heartbroken family who was left to pick up the shattered pieces of their world and move forward, honoring their fallen loved ones and friends. We should all think hard on the price of freedom and commit to honor the lives they led through service in our community.

This week I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with the police chiefs for the southwest region and speak to the South Valley Chamber of Women, student councils from universities across the state, and students from Herriman High School. In addition, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention was up on the hill with the National Hope Squad Council, to discuss suicide prevention. This is an important conversation we need to be having in our communities and homes. For resources on how to discuss this topic with your teenagers, you can visit their website here.

Mark your calendars:

As many of you have heard, the Herriman Police Department announced the passing of their K9 Hondo, who was killed in the line of duty while assisting the U.S. Marshal’s Office in apprehending a dangerous fugitive. I will be honoring Hondo, his partner, and the Herriman City Police with a citation from the House Floor Tuesday, February 18that 10:30am. You can watch live on my Facebook page.

Thank you for the many emails, phone calls and letters. I appreciate many of you being willing to engage in the legislative process. Be sure to mark your calendars for my upcoming legislative townhalls:

Photos From the Week:

Bills Passed by the House this Week:

HB 148 Utah Recognizing Inspiring School Employees

HB 151 Traffic Safety Amendments

HB 160 Refugee Continuing Education Program

HB 164 Property Tax Notifications Amendments

HB 191 Dairy Commission Amendments

HB 17, 1stSub Congressional Vacancies Amendments

HB 18, 1stSub Industrial Hemp Program Amendments

HB 22 Utah Retirement Systems Amendments

HB 28 Legislative Water Development Commission Sunset Amendments

HB 35 Mental Health Treatment Access Amendments

HB 41 State Water Policy Amendments

HB 73 Interference with Public Servants Amendments

HB 84 Traffic Code Amendments

HB 86 Adult Autism Treatment Program

HB 102, 1stSub Retaliation and Obstruction of Justice Amendments

HB 103 Utah Promise Scholarship Program Amendments

HB 110 Inmate Expenses Amendments

HB 113, 1stSub Consumer Sales Practices Amendments

HB 119 Child Care Amendments

HB 125, 1stSub Division of Wildlife Resources Amendments

HB 129 Natural Gas Amendments

HB 138 Transportation Corridor Preservation Amendments

HB 141 Educator Salary Incentive Program Amendments

HB 143 School Bus Safety Inspection Amendments

HB 165 Telephone and Facsimile Solicitation Act Amendments

HB 173 Firefighter Retirement Amendments

HB 177 Prescription Revisions

HB 188 Emergency Management Act Amendments

HB 196 Domestic Relations Debt

HB 199 Insured Homeowners Protection

HB 209 Health Data Authority Amendments

HB 218 State Government Cloud Computing Amendments

HB 237 Change to Effective Date of Water-related Amendments

SB 11 Offset for Occupational Health and Safety Related Donations Sunset Extension

HCR 3 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Consideration of a Later Start Time for High School

HJR 1 Joint Resolution – United States Senate Vacancy

HJR 9 Joint Resolution Calling for an Application Ratings Board for Internet Ready Devices

HB 61 Amendments to County Form of Government

HJR 12 Joint Resolution Celebrating Women’s Suffrage in Utah

HB 234 Gestational Agreement Amendments

HB 180 Emissions Inspection Revisions

SB 26 Water Banking Amendments

SB 49, 1stSub Aviation Amendments

HB 184, 1stSub Municipal Regulation of Golf Carts

HB 99, 1stSub Enhanced Kindergarten Amendments

HB 175, 1stSub Education Accountability Amendments

HB 195, 1stSub Identifying Wasteful Health Care Spending

HB 147, 1stSub Division of Real Estate Amendments

HB 223, 1stSub Statutes of Repose and Limitations Amendments

HB 97, 1stSub Newborn Safe Haven Amendments

HJR 6 Joint Resolution on the Benefits of Therapy Animals

SB 15 Government Operations Sunset Reauthorizations

HB 221 Municipal Office and Local Elections

HB 163 Cultural Stewardship Amendments

HB 14, 2ndSub School Absenteeism and Truancy Amendments

HCR 8 Concurrent Resolution Commending Successful Participation in the Municipal Alternative Voting Methods Pilot Program

HB 216 Organ Donation Preference

HB 34, 1stSub Tanning for Minors

HB 114, 2ndSub Early Learning Training and Assessment Amendments

HB 70 Repeal of Single-Mark Straight Ticket Voting

HB 128, 1stSub License Plate Reading Technology Amendments

HCR 7, 1stSub Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Congressional Action on Prescription Drug Prices

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