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Week 6: Legislative Update

Dear Constituents,

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family healthy and doing well. Just one week left of the 2021 Legislative Session. I wanted to make sure I updated you on this last week.

Legislative Overview

Emergency Powers

Significant progress has been made in creating legislation to address emergency powers of the executive branch. My bill that addressed no-bid contracts, HB 43, passed both the House and the Senate and has been sent to the Governor to be signed. Just this week, I voted in committee in support of SB 107: In-Person Instruction Prioritization, prioritizing in-person learning as an option for students.

As a member of the House Government Operations Committee, we will be voting on two bills that have consolidated policy efforts to limit executive powers, as well as the powers of public health departments. SB 195: Emergency Response Amendments will be heard in our committee this week. This bill allows the legislature and local legislative bodies to terminate executive orders from the Governor and health departments. It also prevents the executive branch from enacting restrictions for religious gatherings that are more restrictive than any other public gathering during an emergency.

Tax Cuts

As a sponsor of one of the tax bills (HB 161: Military Retirement Exemptions), I participated in the press conference announcing that we will be giving $100 million in tax relief back to Utah citizens. The tax cut package focuses on families, veterans and elderly citizens. Details on the social security tax exemption, dependent exemption, and military retirement income tax exemption can be found in the following bills: S.B. 153, S.B. 11 and H.B. 86.

Transportation Funding

I am hopeful that before the session is done, we as a legislature will come to an agreement on roughly a $1.5 billion bond for transportation needs in our state. Know that myself, and other representatives from the south west corner of the valley are working closely with city mayors and council members and House leadership to have the Bangerter Highway interchanges at 134th and 98th South prioritized. There are two bills to keep your eye on for transportation funding this session: HB 433: Amendments Related to Infrastructure Funding, and HB 244: First Class County Highway Road Funds Amendments.

State Budget

The Executive Appropriations Committee (EAC) finalized recommendations for the Fiscal Year 2021-22 budget. The recommendations include increased funding for education, healthcare, infrastructure and transportation, and a significant tax cut. The EAC budget will be voted on this week before we close the 2021 session.

My Legislation

- HB 329: Expungement Revisions: I presented HB 329 on the House Floor and in the Senate committee, it passed unanimously on the floor and in committee. The bill is in the lineup to be heard on the Senate floor this week.

- HB 301 Domestic Violence Training Amendments: I presented HB 329 on the House Floor and in the Senate committee, it passed unanimously on the floor and in committee. The bill is in the lineup to be heard on the Senate floor this week.

- HJR 8: Joint Resolution to Protect Utah’s Institutions of Higher Education from Chinese Communist Party Influence: Despite this bill having unanimous support in committee and the House, as well as the support of Senator Mitt Romney, Representative Chris Stewart, and Representative John Curtis, this resolution is being held in the Senate Rules Committee. If you haven’t already, please take a minute to send your Senator an email of support.

For a complete list of the legislation I’m working on, click here.

In the News

Fox 13: Utah Senate stalls on recognizing genocide in China, shutting down Confucius Institutes

Utah Policy: Are Confucius Institutes modern-day Trojan horses? The US State Department thinks so.

I have received thousands of emails this session and am doing my best to respond. Please feel free to email me at or text me at 385-414-1488. Due to the volume of emails I receive during the session, be sure to include your address or zip code so I can prioritize responding to you as a constituent. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter!


Candice Pierucci

State Representative for House District 52

Bills Passed this week

This week, the House passed 65 bills and has passed a total of 369 bills this session.

H.B. 76 Firearm Preemption Amendments

H.B. 77 Aviation Liability Insurance Amendments

H.B. 216 Firearms Amendments

H.B. 224 Pollinator Amendments

H.B. 227 Self Defense Amendments

H.B. 237 Lethal Force Amendments

H.B. 246 Ballot Measure Transparency Amendments

H.B. 256 County Land Use and Development Amendments

H.B. 257 Utah State Park Amendments

H.B. 271 Home Child Care Amendments

H.B. 285 Juvenile Recodification

H.B. 286 Juvenile Code Recodification Cross References

H.B. 290 Probation and Parole Amendments

H.B. 301 Domestic Violence Training Amendments

H.B. 308 Covid-19 Vaccine Amendments

H.B. 319 Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act Amendments

H.B. 320 Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Amendments

H.B. 321 Division of Consumer Protection Amendments

H.B. 324 Alimony Amendments

H.B. 326 Performance Reporting and Efficiency Requirements

H.B. 327 Civic Thought and Leadership Initiative

H.B. 332 Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Amendments

H.B. 333 Medicaid Amendments

H.B. 334 Special Needs Training for Law Enforcement Amendments

H.B. 335 Investment Fees Amendments

H.B. 337 Child Mental Health Amendments

H.B. 346 Natural Resources Entities Amendments

H.B. 347 Homeless Services Amendments

H.B. 350 Mental Health Records Confidentiality Amendments

H.B. 352 State Identification Amendments

H.B. 355 Workers' Compensation Revisions

H.B. 356 Rural Economic Development Tax Increment Financing

H.B. 358 Guardianship Amendments

H.B. 359 Dental Billing Amendments

H.B. 360 Telephone Solicitation Amendments

H.B. 369 School Bus Inspection Amendments

H.B. 371 Alcoholic Beverage Control Amendments

H.B. 373 Conviction Reduction Amendments

H.B. 388 State Energy Policy Amendments

H.C.R. 16 Concurrent Resolution Honoring the 125th Anniversary of the First Utah Legislative Session

H.C.R. 17 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing August 31 as Overdose Awareness Day

H.C.R. 18 Concurrent Resolution Supporting Extension and Expansion of the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act

H.C.R. 19 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Farmers Feeding Utah

H.J.R. 6 Joint Rules Resolution - Request for Appropriation

H.J.R. 7 Joint Resolution Amending Rules of Criminal Procedure on Motions

H.J.R. 11 Joint Rules Resolution - Executive Appropriations Committee

H.J.R. 12 Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Special Session Appropriations

H.R. 5 House Rules Resolution -- Standing Committee Modifications

H.R. 6 House Rules Resolution -- Chamber Procedure

S.B. 33 Uniform Building Code Commission Amendments

S.B. 76 Controlled Substance Database Access

S.B. 79 Insurance Policy Notification Amendments

S.B. 85 Disinheritance Following Crimes Against Vulnerable Adults

S.B. 99 Child Welfare Amendments

S.B. 110 Tax Commission Appeal Amendments

S.B. 124 Parole Amendments

S.B. 126 Sentencing Commission Requirements

S.B. 133 Severance Tax Revenue Amendments

S.B. 135 Motor Vehicle Insurance Amendment S.B. 136 Higher Education Scholarships Amendments

S.B. 145 Military Family Education Amendments

S.B. 152 Vehicle Load Penalties Amendments

S.B. 160 State Audit Amendments

S.B. 166 State Holiday Amendments

S.J.R. 10 Joint Resolution Commemorating the New Salt Lake City Airport

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