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Week 5 Legislative Updates

Dear Constituents,

Happy Presidents' Day! With just two weeks left of the general session, things at the Capitol are busier than ever. It has been fun to meet with so many of you during the session, and discuss issues that are important to you. I wanted to give you an update on important policies we've been working on this past week.

Largest Tax Cut in State History Announced

Over the last two years, the Legislature has reduced taxes by nearly $300 million. This session, we are proposing an additional $400 million in tax relief. H.B. 54 Tax Revisions will be heard in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee early next week and provides tax relief to individuals and families in all stages of life by:

  • Cutting the income tax rate from 4.85% to 4.65%.

  • Expanding social security tax credit eligibility to individuals earning between $0 to $75,000 per year.

  • Providing a tax benefit for pregnancy by allowing a double dependent exemption for children the year of their birth.

  • Increasing the earned income tax credit (EITC) from 15% to 2-% of the federal credit.

Lowering taxes and putting more of taxpayers' hard earned money back into your pockets has been and will continue to be a priority of mine to reduce the burden of government and empower Utah's families.

Celebrating Women’s Suffrage

On February 14, 1870 Seraph Young became the first woman to vote in the United States under the equal rights law. Utah's pioneer women led the nation in suffrage and political engagement. In honor of Seraph Young's we celebrated her leadership on Valentine's Day.

HB 378: Firework Amendments

This bill will add 12 hours of time that fireworks can be lit off on New Years' Day. Previous to this bill fireworks could only be used on New Years Eve. HB 378 passed unanimously out of the Political Subdivisions Committee and off of the house floor with a vote of 49-17-9. The bill should be heard in the Senate this week.

S.B. 95 Foreign Driver License Reciprocity Amendments

This bill allows the Utah Driver License Division to enter into an agreement of reciprocity with a foreign country or jurisdiction, with similar driving laws and traffic rules. This would allow Utah residents, who spend a significant amount of time in other countries (that we would share a reciprocity agreement with), the ability to get a driver's license in that country. A reciprocity agreement is especially important to Utah, as we have thousands of Latter-day Saint missionaries living abroad, and this will ease their ability to drive in foreign countries.

HB 429: Pregnant and Postpartum Inmate Amendments

Over the summer, I had a chance to tour the new State Prison. I was surprised to learn that they had built a nursery for women who are pregnant and incarcerated, for them to raise their child in the prison nursery while serving time. Working with the Department of Corrections and the Department of Health, I worked to put guardrails and safety standards in place for the program, to ensure the safety and development needs of children born to mothers who are incarcerated, are met. This bill also directs the newly created Postnatal and Early Childhood Advisory Board to work towards a diversion program, rather than a prison nursery, to meet the needs of these children and their mothers.

Additionally, this bill would prohibit jails and prisons from shackling pregnant women in their final trimester. Shackling includes handcuffs, waist restraints and leg restraints. Current state law only prohibits the use of restraints when a woman is in labor. I believe this bill strikes the proper balance in protecting the wellbeing of the unborn child, the maternal health of the mother, and the safety and enforcement needs of the prison and jails who house these women.

For a complete list of the legislation I'm working on this session, you can visit here.

Family Night Capitol Tour: RESCHEDULED

Given the holiday weekend, we have rescheduled the Family Night Capitol Tour for February 21st at 6:30pm. You can RSVP by responding to this email.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our district. Please feel free to email me with any concerns or questions you have at Be sure to include your home address so I know you live in my district!


Candice B. Pierucci

State Representative for House District 49


Follow me on social media @RepCandicePierucci


Here is a complete list of all the bills passed by the House last week.

H.B. 19 Rape Crisis Center Modifications H.B. 23 Forensic Mental Health Amendments H.B. 51 Railroad Right of Way Amendments H.B. 63 Office of Rail Safety H.B. 68 Petition Amendments H.B. 70 Continuing Care Retirement Facilities Amendments H.B. 82 School Assembly Notice Requirements H.B. 92 State Mushroom Designation H.B. 105 Public Employee Disability Benefits Amendments H.B. 116 Intergenerational Poverty Solution H.B. 121 Wildlife Habitat Account Amendments H.B. 130 Adoption Tax Credit H.B. 137 State Crustacean Designation H.B. 138 Sensitive Material Requirements H.B. 139 Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry Requirements H.B. 155 Independent Election Evaluations H.B. 175 School Fees Amendments H.B. 177 State Hospital Amendments H.B. 186 State Land Purchase Restrictions H.B. 189 International Baccalaureate Program Amendments H.B. 199 Voluntary Firearm Safekeeping Amendments H.B. 204 Child Welfare Proceedings Testing Requirements H.B. 205 Primary Election Amendments H.B. 208 Criminal Trespass Amendments H.B. 231 Low Income Housing Property Tax Exemption H.B. 232 Railroad Crossing Maintenance Amendments H.B. 234 University Recognition for International Baccalaureate Achievement H.B. 247 Alcohol Control Amendments H.B. 249 Education Related Amendments H.B. 253 Federalism Commission Amendments H.B. 260 Property Tax Income Requirements H.B. 280 Local Government Construction Project Bid Notice H.B. 281 Social Credit Score Amendments H.B. 284 Public Library Background Check Requirements H.B. 288 Opioid Dispensing Requirements H.B. 290 Medicaid Waiver for Medically Complex Children Amendments H.B. 293 Licensed School Psychological Practitioner Amendments H.B. 297 Victim Services Amendments H.B. 299 Infrastructure Related to Water H.B. 301 Transportation Tax Amendments H.B. 303 Elections Record Amendments H.B. 305 Child Abuser Education Restrictions H.B. 306 School Community Council Amendments H.B. 308 School Grading Modifications H.B. 309 County Recorder Amendments H.B. 313 Suspect Metal Amendments H.B. 314 Remedies for Victims of Domestic Violence Amendments H.B. 317 Pretrial Release Modifications H.B. 318 Prime Pilot Program Amendments H.B. 324 Workplace Violence Protective Orders Amendments H.B. 327 Pollinator Pilot Program Amendments H.B. 328 Asbestos Litigation Amendments H.B. 330 Civil Commitment Amendments H.B. 335 Alternative Concurrent Enrollment Options for Capacity Flexibility H.B. 339 Crime Penalty Amendments H.B. 340 Trailer Registration Requirements H.B. 341 Electronic Stamp Designation H.B. 345 Local District Property Tax Amendments H.B. 347 Ballot Drop Box Amendments H.B. 348 Participation Waiver Amendments H.B. 349 Water Reuse Projects Amendments H.B. 351 County Recorder Modifications H.B. 352 Law Enforcement Data Amendments H.B. 353 Sales Tax Return Requirements H.B. 254 Penalty for False Statement During Drug Arrest H.B. 355 Utah Data Research Center Amendments H.B. 357 Decentralized Autonomous Organizations Amendments H.B. 358 County Auditor Amendments H.B. 359 Animal Care Amendments H.B. 360 Unclaimed Property Amendments H.B. 362 Criminal Justice Data Management Task Force Sunset Extension H.B. 363 Summer Education Grants H.B. 364 Housing Affordability Amendments H.B. 365 Voter Affiliation Amendments H.B. 368 Inmate Identification Amendments H.B. 369 DUI Amendments H.B. 370 Utility Infrastructure Amendments H.B. 371 Working Farm and Ranch Protection Fund H.B. 373 Law Enforcement Training and Recruitment H.B. 374 County Sheriff Amendments H.B. 375 Traffic Violation Exemptions H.B. 376 Cosmetologist Regulation Modifications H.B. 378 Fireworks Amendments H.B. 380 Competency to Stand Trial Amendments H.B. 381 State Finance Review Commission Amendments H.B. 382 Automatic Renewal Contract Requirements H.B. 383 Indigent Defense Amendments H.B. 385 Mentally Ill Offenders Amendments H.B. 388 Statutes of Limitation Amendments H.B. 389 Electrical Power Delivery Quality Amendments H.B. 390 Child Custody Amendments H.B. 392 Rural County Health Care Facilities Tax Amendments H.B. 397 Urban Farming Assessment Amendments H.B. 399 Corporation Reinstatement Amendments H.B. 400 School Absenteeism Amendments H.B. 401 Homeowners Association Requirements H.B. 403 Student Mental Health Amendments H.B. 404 Juvenile Interrogation Modifications H.B. 405 School Bus Owner Requirements H.B. 406 Land Use, Development, and Management Act Modifications H.B. 407 Incentives Amendments H.B. 408 Mobile Business Licensing Amendments H.B. 409 State Construction and Fire Codes Amendments H.B. 411 Student Behavioral Health Services Amendments H.B. 414 Records Management Amendments H.B. 415 Maternal Coverage Amendments H.B. 416 Transient Room Tax Amendments H.B. 417 Motor Vehicle Tax Amendments H.B. 422 Initiative Amendments H.B. 423 Birth Certificate Amendments H.B. 425 Energy Security Amendments H.B. 426 Statewide Energy Policy Amendments H.B. 430 State Olympic Coordination Amendments H.B. 467 Abortion Changes H.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution Addressing the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games H.J.R. 19 Joint Rules Resolution - Public Comment Amendments H.R. 2 House Rules Resolution - Public Comment Amendments S.B. 17 Voting and Voter Residency Amendments S.B. 42 Massage Therapy Practice Act Amendments S.B. 43 Public Notice Requirements S.B. 46 State Holiday Modifications S.B. 49 Juvenile Custodial Interrogation Amendments S.B. 56 Child Welfare Amendments S.B. 62 Hydrogen Amendments S.B. 64 Bureau of Emergency Medical Services Amendments S.B. 65 Charter School Authorizers Modifications S.B. 70 Victim Amendments S.B. 75 Sand and Gravel Sales Tax Amendments S.B. 78 Naturopathic Physician Licensing Amendments S.B. 79 Executive Residence Commission Amendments S.B. 80 Driver License Suspension and Revocation Amendments S.B. 82 Sales Tax Amendments S.B. 84 Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone Amendments S.B. 85 License Plate Requirement Amendments S.B. 86 Drug Testing and Paraphernalia Amendments S.B. 91 Medical Cannabis Regulation Amendments S.B. 92 Special License Plate Designation S.B. 95 Foreign Driver License Reciprocity Amendments S.B. 98 Legal Costs Recovery Amendments S.B. 108 Animal Shelter Revisions S.B. 112 Aquatic Invasive Species Amendments S.B. 113 Local Agricultural Amendments S.B. 119 Per Capita Consumptive Use ​​S.B. 126 Hospital Assessment Amendments S.B. 151 Food Preparation Amendments S.C.R. 1 Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act S.C.R. 2 Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Environmental Impact of Vehicle Idling S.C.R. 3 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Support for the Listen and Explain, Cooperate and Communicate Campaign

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