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Week 4: Hair Handler Permit, Confucius Institutes & the Military Retirement Income Tax Exemption

Dear Constituents, Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend! It has been a big week up here at the Capitol and I wanted to make sure I reported back on the legislation I’ve been working on, and what we have been working on as a legislature. My Legislation this Week:

SB 87: Professional Licensing Amendments This bill is about reducing government overregulation and burdensome licensing requirements. SB 87 and HB 266 create a hair handler permit for individuals who shampoo, condition, blow dry and/or style hair. Currently, these individuals are required to have a cosmetology license with 1,200 hours of training. The individuals impacted by this bill would have to take a course on hygiene and sanitation and pass the test before they are allowed to provide a limited number of hair styling services. To be clear, this does not allow them to cut, color, perm, or apply chemicals in any way. On average cosmetology school can cost $5,000 to $20,000 and the cost can be prohibitive for individuals and small businesses looking to provide these limited services. This bill passed out of the House and is now on its way to the Governor for approval.

HB 161: Military Retirement Tax Exemptions Utah is 1 of 4 states that still fully taxes military retirement income. This bill exempts military retirement income and survivor benefits from income tax. This bill passed out of the House unanimously. It's time Utah joins the majority of the rest of the nation in expressing our gratitude, by our actions, in recognizing the dedicated service and countless sacrifices of military retirees and their families. This bill is supported by the Utah Defense Alliance and various Chambers across the state. HB 161 passed unanimously in the House and is onto the Senate.

SB 38: K-9 Policy Requirements SB 38 codifies best practices by requiring K-9 officers and their handlers to be certified and re-certified annually. This bill raises the bar on accountability and responsibility and is supported by the Utah Chiefs of Police and the Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. I presented this bill on the House floor where it passed unanimously, and is now on its way to the Governor. HJR 8: Joint Resolution to Protect Utah’s Institutions of Higher Education from Chinese Communist Party Influence This week I presented this resolution to the House Government Operations Committee, you can listen to the committee debate here. The Deseret News reported on the committee discussion, you can read their story here. The Salt Lake Tribune also reported extensively on this, you can read their article here. This resolution strongly encourages the University of Utah and Southern Utah University to close down their Confucius Institutes by December of 2022, it discourages other institutions from opening Confucius Institutes and asks that those in current operation disclose the details of their contracts. It is essential for students on Utah's campuses to have access to language and cultural offerings free from manipulation of the Chinese Communist Party and its proxies. HJR8 has the support of Congressman Stewart, Congressman Curtis, and Senator Romney. House Priorities this Week: Mental Health This week the House Health and Human Services Committee passed HB 288 Education and Mental Health Coordinating Council. This bill creates a new council of educators, mental and behavioral health experts and other advocates to advise the Governor and the Legislature. The council will provide action-oriented guidance to state leaders on how to meet the behavioral and mental health needs of children and family in our state. Tax Relief Several bills are making their way through the legislative process that will provide tax relief to many Utahns. Last week, H.B. 86 Social Security Amendments passed the House unanimously and if passed by the Senate, will benefit many living on a fixed income. Additionally, as mentioned, my bill, H.B. 161 Military Retirement Tax Amendments passed the House this week, which removes the tax on military retirement, benefiting those who have served our country. Finally, a bill is in the works to help restore the child dependent exemption. In the News: I appreciated the chance to do an in-depth interview with Holly Richardson with Utah Policy to discuss the legislation I’m working on during the session. You can read my responses to their questions and watch our discussion here.

I do my best to be responsive to constituents during the session! Please feel free to email me at or text me at 385-414-1488. Due to the volume of emails I receive during the session, be sure to include your address or zip code so I can prioritize responding to you as a constituent. Sincerely, Candice Pierucci State Representative for House District 52

Bills Passed This Week H.B. 26 24-7 Sobriety Program Expansion H.B. 55 Marriage Commission Amendments H.B. 58 Riot Amendments H.B. 59 Intimate Image Distribution Prohibition Revisions H.B. 64 Factual Innocence Payments Amendments H.B. 65 Wildland Fire Amendments H.B. 83 Migratory Bird Production Area Amendments H.B. 84 Use of Force Reporting Requirements H.B. 87 Electronic Information and Data Privacy Amendments H.B. 95 Prison Rape Elimination Act Compliance H.B. 103 Retaliation and Obstruction of Justice Amendments H.B. 107 Subdivision Plat Amendments H.B. 109 Wildlife Amendments H.B. 136 Initiative and Referenda Modifications H.B. 137 Large Vehicle Registration Amendments H.B. 147 Revenge Porn Amendments H.B. 155 Civil Commitment Amendments H.B. 158 Juvenile Interrogation Amendments H.B. 159 Higher Education Speech H.B. 161 Military Retirement Tax Amendments H.B. 162 Peace Officer Training Amendments H.B. 170 Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice Requirements H.B. 172 Facility of Payment to Minor Amendments H.B. 175 Risk Management Settlement Authority Amendments H.B. 178 Pharmacy Practice Modifications H.B. 185 Laboratory Equipment Amendments H.B. 186 Criminal Nonsupport Amendments H.B. 188 State Stone Designation H.B. 190 Interstate Compact on Curing Diseases H.B. 191 Adoption Amendments H.B. 193 Intimate Image Distribution Prohibition H.B. 211 Initiatives and Referenda Amendments H.B. 226 Long-term Care Patient and Consumer Rights Protection H.B. 228 Jail Photo Distribution Prohibition H.B. 238 Marriage Amendments H.B. 239 Online Impersonation Prohibition H.B. 241 Utah Seeds Amendments H.B. 244 First Class County Highway Road Funds Amendments H.B. 252 State Pay Plan Amendments H.B. 278 Name Change Process for Dixie State University H.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution on Education H.C.R. 12 Concurrent Resolution Encouraging Cooperative Action Regarding National Monuments S.B. 13 Law Enforcement Internal Investigation Requirements S.B. 32 Employee Status Amendments S.B. 38 K-9 Policy Requirements S.B. 41 Mental Health Access Amendments S.B. 57 Executive Residence Commission Amendments S.B. 60 Accident Reports Amendments S.B. 64 Domestic Violence Amendments S.B. 69 Accident Report Amendments S.B. 72 Open and Public Meetings Amendments S.B. 87 Professional Licensing Amendments S.B. 101 Motor Vehicle Amendments S.C.R. 1 Concurrent Resolution on Holocaust Education S.J.R. 5 Joint Rules Resolution -- Legislation Amendments S.J.R. 6 Joint Rules Resolution - Concurrent and Joint Resolution Modifications S.J.R. 7 Joint Resolution Approving Energy Solutions Constructing and Operating a Landfill for Nonhazardous Solid Waste

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