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Week 2: Bill Presentations & Recognizing Olympian Rhyan White

Dear Constituents,

I hope that you along with your wonderful families are doing well. With an excellent start to the 2022 General Legislative Session, the second week has been just as successful and busy as the first week.

Some of the things I’ve been working on:

Bill Presentations in Committees

HB0090 - Transparency in Lobbying and Disclosures Amendments: Right now, in state code, there is a loophole that allows individuals to lobby on behalf of a foreign government without having to register with the state as a lobbyist; this bill closes that loophole. Additionally, it requires statewide elected officials and legislators to disclose gifts, and or travel expenses that are paid for by a foreign government. I presented this bill to the House Government Operations Committee, it passed unanimously. The bill is coming to the House floor this week.

HB0210 - Primary Care Spending Amendments: I presented this bill to the House Health and Human Services Committee on Friday, the bill passed with unanimous support. Across the spectrum of care, organizations, clinics, insurers, and providers are recognizing the importance of primary or preventative care in driving down the high cost of healthcare while improving health outcomes of their served populations.

In early 2021, a coalition of healthcare organizations requested and paid $10,000 for data on primary care spending in Utah. Up until this report, Utah was one of only a handful of states that were not compiling primary care data. This bill calls for an annual update of Utah Department of Health Office of Health Care Statistics (DOH OHCS), Primary Care Spend Data Report to help us have a better understanding at the state level of preventative care in Utah.

Recognizing Olympian Swimmer Rhyan White at the State Capitol

It was an absolute delight to be able to honor Rhyan White and her family with a formal citation of recognition from the legislature this week. First Utah-born swimmer to compete in the Olympics and Herriman resident, Rhyan represented our community, state and country proudly, earning a silver medal in the 4x100-meter medley relay and earning fourth in the 100-meter backstroke along with the 200-meter backstroke during the 2020 Summer Olympics. I look forward to watching her continued success and contributions to the sport of swimming!

Herriman Youth City Council

This week, Herriman City’s Youth Council, along with Herriman Councilwoman Sherrie Ohrn and Mayor Lorin Palmer joined me for a discussion on the legislative process and a tour of the Capitol. Our youth are the future, and these exemplary youth are making the future look bright!

Legislative Website

For a list of bills I’m running, you can review them here.

Additionally, you can find committee meetings, bills, weekly schedules and passed bills on the state legislative website at

Join me for a Capitol Tour

You and your family are invited to join me for a discussion on the legislative process and a tour of the state capitol tomorrow, January 31st at 7pm. Please meet in the Capitol Rotunda.

To register for the tour, click here.

Take my Survey

I want to hear from you! Please take my 2022 Legislative Survey. It should only take 5-10 minutes and will be well worth your time.

Thank you again for the opportunity to represent our community, it is truly an honor to work with you and for you.

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