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Statement on Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan

August 15, 2021

Furious, devastated, and heart broken for the Afghan people, particularly the women and girls whose worst hell became reality again with the Taliban takeover. I am sick to my stomach for the Afghan translators, pilots, and allies who worked with the United States for the past 20 years. Today hits especially close to home as I had a chance to meet with Ambassador Rahmani, the first female Afghan Ambassador to the US several weeks ago. She outlined the dire situation her country faced and plead that we get the translators and Afghan people we'd worked with out in time. I fear it is far too late.

So many American men and women have died in our war on terrorism, this is not their failure. This is an epic failure and gross execution of policy for this administration. Addressing the Taliban's takeover, Max Boot with the Washington Post said, "strengthened by the copious U.S. weaponry they have captured — and by the prestige that comes with having humbled a superpower — the Taliban will now be more dangerous than ever. This is on Biden, and it will leave an indelible stain on his presidency..."

Prayers for the people of Afghanistan who tasted freedom for the past two decades who have had it ripped away from them. My heartfelt gratitude to the men and women in this country, and more specifically, Utah, who have served and currently serve in our armed forces.

Photo Credit: USA Today

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