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In the News: Rep. Candice Pierucci on the mental health crisis afflicting Utah’s youth

Q&A from State of Reform: Rep. Candice Pierucci of District 52 was selected by Salt Lake County Republican delegates in October to fill the seat previously held by Rep. John Knotwell. She was then formally appointed by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert. At 27, she is youngest legislator in the state.

Her status as the youngest legislator in Utah has not be disconnected from her policy focus thus far. As a member of the House Health and Human Services Committee, Rep. Pierucci has zeroed in on the mental health crisis afflicting Utah’s youth population. It’s an issue that has been acutely felt in her district. I caught up with Rep. Pierucci recently to discuss her ideas for improving mental health outcomes and how mental health challenges tend to manifest both online and off.

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