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ABC 4: Inside Utah Politics Panel

I appreciated the opportunity to join Glen Mills with ABC 4 on Inside Utah Politics this weekend. Enjoyed the chance to discuss the US Senate Race in Utah, as well as state house races, and the Republican party.

I have been asked on more than one occasion in the past couple of weeks, about the influx of people getting involved in the political process, and more specifically, in the Republican Party. I have found that generally, most people don't engage in the political process unless one of two things happen: 1) their individual freedoms are impacted or 2) government starts impacting their wallet. Over the past 18+ months, both have happened for Utahns and their families. From pandemic restrictions and policies put in place at all levels of government, to skyrocketing inflation and gas prices, people are certainly more aware of the consequences of elections and the people we elect. Consequently, we are seeing a wave of people check-in and engage in the process. I firmly believe that increased participation in the process, improves the process; regardless of your party affiliation, showing up and engaging at your caucus night, running as a delegate, voting, going to a a townhall, etc. helps make our government more representative of the population it serves.

You can give the interview a watch here!

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